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Art Work

Paintings can be created with your pets pictures in a pose of your choosing. If you have a unique looking pet, we would need a photo, but it you have a standard AKC breed, we can create a picture based on your requirements. Type of suggestions could be:

Hunting dog pointing toward beavy of quail., laid back pet on a pillow;  a dog catching a frezbie; your favorite pet - dogs, cats, turtles, or whatever you would like.

We work on glass, paper (watercolor or pencil), oil, or photo collages.

For complex pictures, we will create a sample layout for your approval. Pricing depends on the end result, and we would require 50% down on special requests.

Samples of work:

Stained Glass Painting:

Burmese Mountain Dog on Glass





Pencil & Watercolor

German Shepard


Yellow Lab        Buffalo        Chocolate Lab           turtle

Pencil  (Can be black or colored)