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It's time for an Online Business. Our hosted and easy-to-use system is designed to meet your specific business needs - allowing you to focus on your goals, not mastering the technology behind it.

If you would like to talk to us about setting up a website, call us at (620) 331-6300.  We will walk you through all the options, or click here to see what you can do.

Kodak - Special21-May-2012

Thanks to faithful customers like you, this past year has been one of continued grow..

Kodak ReOrganization23-Jan-2012

To read about Kodak's Chapter 11 -



(read how we can create your book for Kindles or other e-readers.)


We have many paintings in watercolor and/or pencil.  They are available as original art or as prints ready for framing.

Refinish (click on each one)

We can rebuild your old photos into beautiful pieces even if they are heavily damaged or partly missing. (click on the link above to see more information and samples.)