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E-books can be created for the Amazon Kindle or for any other e-book reader.  If you have the rights to a book, we can convert it to an e-book for you and help you get it up on the web for sale. Here is a book that the author wrote and we converted to e-books:

Darryl Deering's Book - for the Kindle - Darryl Deering's Book - for all other E-Books.

We have two options:

  1. If the book has been printed and has a sale history of sufficient volume, we can provide the finished ebooks at a percentage of the new sales.  Depending on the work involved, the rates can vary from 5% to 15% of the sale price.
  2. If this is a new book, and the source is available in digital form, we can convert it to the ebook formats for a set price per page.  If there are pictures to be scanned, they are priced at $0.40 each.  We can use the digital pictures you provide if they are at least 240dpi. 
If you can send us a digital copy of the book, we can estimate the full cost to you.  If we need to scan the book or enter it in the computer ourselves, we can give you a quote on the costs involved.Sample costs: A text book, receipe book, or it contains multiple sub categories that are mapped to an index or appendix, the cost per page could be up to $2 per page. A story book that consists of chapters is much easier to create and can be considerably less expensive.  A book of about 200 pages could cost about $150 to convert ($0.75 a page) plus the cost of the images.  If we get a good digital copy, the cost could be $0.35 a page plus the cost of the images.

Request a quote: If you have the digital copy, send along with this request.  If you need to mail a hard copy, you can submit this request and indicate how you are sending the hard copy. Or you can fill out and print the request then include with the book.    Send both to Jean and Norman Art, PO Box 852, Independence, KS  67301. 

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