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Photo Refinishing

We scan your original picture (can be a photograph, painting or any two-dimensional item). From this scan, the digital picture is then divided up into layers. Each layer is then repaired or replaced as needed.

Sample Picture Refinished

Original Damaged Photo final Repaired Photo

This picture was brought to us with the glass broken and the lower half removed. The picture stuck to the glass; so when they removed the bottom part, it removed part of the picture. They did not save the glass; so we had to reconstruct the man's hand, arm and clothing. The color was restored as well as multiple repairs to individuals and background. (The customer graciously gave us permission to use this picture as a sample of our work.) If you have an old picture that has been damaged, we will do our best to bring it back to life.

note: We do not work directly on the original picture. We scan the original and then we work on the digital copy. If you want work done on the original, then you would need to call a conservator trained in that technique.

If you are unable to come to Independence, KS, you can either send us the original or have it scanned in high resolution and forward it to us. Call us, and we will work with you.