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VHS Tapes

VHS tapes that you made of your family growing up are very likely fading over time.  We suggest that you let us convert them to an archival DVD (lasts up to 100 years) and add menus to enable you to view the sections that you want, or you can look at the whole video at one time. 


The software that we use comes from Adobe and has a large variety of menu types available.  We can also design one specifically for your videos using a photo of your choosing.

About DVDs we use.

The Kodak Archival DVD is rated to last 100 years. A DVD will hold about an hour tape.  If your tape is longer, we can save them to multiple DVDs.  The cost for transferring the VHS to DVD is $20 for the transfer and $10 for the archival DVD.  If multiple menus are needed, we can quote you at the time of your request.  Go to the contact us page to send an inquiry.


If you have friends or family that you feel would be interested in this service, please use the form below to forward this link to them:


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